is your promotion really necessary? many workers focus their hopes on climbing the hierarchy of their organisations. the prospect of higher pay helps explain their ambition, but so does the greater status that comes with each successive title.
this scramble can often end in disappointment. the peter principle, developed by laurence peter for a book published in 1969, states that workers get promoted until they reach their level of incompetence. it makes perfect sense. if you are good at your job, you rise up the career ladder. eventually, there will be a job you are not good at and at that point your career will stall. the logical corollary is that any senior staff members who have been in their job for an extended period are incompetent.
there is another problem with chasing the promotion chimera. a recent study found that companies have a strong tendency to promote the best sales people. convincing others to buy goods and services is a useful skill, requiring charisma and persistence. but, as the authors of the study point out, these are not the same capabilities as the strategic planning and administrative competence needed to lead a sales team.
the research then looked at what happened after these super-sales people were promoted. their previous sales performance was actually a negative indicator of managerial success. the sales growth of workers assigned to the star sellers was 7.5 percentage points lower than for those whose managers were previously weaker performers.
scott adams, the cartoonist, described this problem in his book, “the dilbert principle”. in his world, the least competent people get promoted because these are the people you don’t want to do the actual work. it is foolish to promote the best salesperson or computer programmer to a management role, since the company will then be deprived of unique skills.
bartleby (a character in an english novel) is not an expert at climbing the greasy pole. in part, that is because he has observed a variant on the peter and dilbert principles; what might be dubbed the bartleby curse. people get promoted until they reach a level when they stop enjoying their jobs. at this point, it is not just their competence that is affected; it is their happiness as well.
the trick to avoiding this curse is to stick to what you like doing. if you enjoy teaching, don’t be a headmaster or college principal. if you like writing articles, editing other people’s work may not give you the same degree of satisfaction.

21. according to the peter principle, promotion ______.
[a] comes with gradual mismatches of capabilities
[b] gets less attractive to senior staff members
[c] arouses jealousy among their colleagues
[d] increases the level of employees’ satisfaction
22. according to paragraph 3, skills of being a leader ______.
[a] are different from actual working skills
[b] pose a further intelligent challenge
[c] can influence a team’s performance
[d] need to be sharpened in actual work
23. according to paragraph 4, previous successful sales performance ______.
[a] can be a strong driver for the company’s productivity
[b] cannot guarantee the success in managerial positions
[c] was a motivational factor to develop new skills
[d] was a favorable indicator of managerial success
24. scott adams holds that the best salesperson shouldn’t be promoted because it’ll ______.
[a] make the actual work be left undone
[b] ruin their relationship with their peers
[c] be better to choose the least competent ones
[d] cause the company to lose unique talents
25. the most suitable title for this text would be _______.
[a] in favor of promotion
[b] the abcs for promotion
[c] promotion: a curse
[d] promotion: a dilemma


【解析】本题为细节题。根据题干要害词peter principle可定位至原文第二段②句。该句介绍了“彼得原理”的具体内容。a项comes with gradual mismatches of capabilities(伴跟着才能的逐步不匹配)是对句中workers get promoted until they reach their level of incompetence的同义替换。故正确答案为a。
【烦扰项】b项gets less attractive to senior staff members(对高管人员的招引力降低)要害词senior staff members来自该段⑥句,但原文并没有说到升职对高管人员的招引力降低。c项arouses jealousy among their colleagues(致使火伴们的吃醋)归于惹是生非,原文并未提及有关信息。d项increases the level of employees’ satisfaction(添加了职工的夸姣感)从一般认知视点进行烦扰,但原文说的是升职伴随的常常是才能与岗位不匹配的情况,夸姣感也会因而降低。

【解析】本题为细节题。根据题干要害词paragraph 3和being a leader可定位至原文第三段④句。该句中these指代的是上文③句说到的说服别人收购产品和效能的才能,是实践的作业技能。由④句中these are not the same capabilities as…可知这些才能并不一样于领导团队所需的打点才干。a项are different from actual working skills(不一样于实践的作业技能)是对③④的总结归纳。故正确答案为a。
【烦扰项】b项pose a further intelligent challenge(带来进一步的智力应战)归于惹是生非,原文并未说到领导一个团队会带来智力应战。c项can influence a team’s performance(会影响团队的体现)是对administrative competence的过度解读,但与作者要偏重的“能做好具体作业不代表能把团队带好”不符。d项need to be sharpened in actual work(需要在实践作业中不断加强)是对该段④句提出的疑问“具体作业才能和领导力不是一回事”提出的处置办法,但并非作者观念。

【解析】本题为细节题。根据题干要害词paragraph4和previous successful sales performance可定位至原文第四段②句。该句指出明星出售员在出售事务上的成果一般和打点方面的体现不成正比。b项cannot guarantee the success in managerial positions(不能保证在打点岗位上获得成功)是对该句中a negative indicator of managerial success的同义替换。故正确答案为b。
【烦扰项】a项can be a strong driver for the company’s productivity(可以变成公司出产力的健壮驱动力)和c项was a motivational factor to develop new skills(推进了新技能的打开)与该段③句的内容相悖,出售冠军提升后,成果下滑,并未变成公司出产力的推进者也未能推进新技能的打开。d项was a favorable indicator of managerial success(是打点成功的有利暗示)与原文negative indicator的意思相悖,原文标明早年的出售成果好,并不会变成对获得打点成功的有利要素。

【解析】本题为细节题。根据题干可定位至原文第五段③句,题干中the best salesperson shouldn’t be promoted与句中it is foolish to promote the best salesperson对应,后半句since暗示选拔出售冠军不可以行的缘由。d项cause the company to lose unique talents(使公司失掉特别的人才)是对the company will then be deprived of unique skills的同义替换。故正确答案为d。
【烦扰项】a项make the actual work be left undone(会使得没有人做实践的作业)是对该段②句的差错解读,原文说的是最无能的人获得提升是因为上级不想让他们做实践作业。b项ruin their relationship with their peers(破环他们与火伴的联络)归于惹是生非,原文并未提及提升与火伴人际联络之间的相关。c项be better to choose the least competent ones(最佳是提升最无能的人)归于差错的反向揣度,原文只是说提升最有才能的出售人员对错常愚笨的,但并不是认为要提升无能的人。

【解析】本题为主旨粗心题。原文第一段招认了提升会带来的一些优点,但第二段提出“提升会致使作业生计阻滞不前”的观念,下文进行证明并提出处置方案。c项promotion: a curse(提升:一种咒骂)是对第六段②句中说到的bartleby curse的具体论说,也是全文的主旨地址。故正确答案为c。
【烦扰项】a项in favor of promotion(撑持提升)与原文观念相悖,原文首要讲的是提升对作业生计的负面影响。b项th
e abcs for promotion(提升的根柢常识)也不契合原文主旨需求,这篇文章并非对提升的基础常识的科普,而是提出与常知趣悖的一种理论,并用比方进行了证明。d项promotion: a dilemma(提升:骑虎难下的选择)相同无法归纳原文主旨,这篇文章首要在分析提升对作业生计的负面影响及处置方案,并未说到对提升的选择。



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